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  • Iveco Eurocargo 180E25 Whale 9,000L Vacuum Gulley Sucker (2008)


  • Scania P270 6x2 20,000L Fuel Tanker (2007)

    SCANIA P270 6X2 20,000L FUEL TANKER (2007)

  • Volvo FL6.18 Whale Vacuum Jetting Gulley Sucker Combination Tanker (1999)


  • Mercedes Axor 2533 6x4 3,000G Water Tanker Sprayer De icer Truck (2007)


  • DAF LF55 220 Whale 9,000L Vacuum Jetting Tanker (2002)

    DAF LF55 220 WHALE 9,000L VACUUM TANKER (2002)

  • ERF MAN Trucks ECM 285 20,000L Fuel Tanker (2006)

    ERF / MAN ECM 285 6X2 20,000L FUEL TANKER (2006)

  • DAF CF75 310 6X4 Aquavac Vacuum Tanker (2008)


  • Volvo FM 340 6x4 Vacuum Combination Unit (2004)

    VOLVO FM12 340 6X4 COMBI VACUUM (2004)

  • Volvo FL 220 Whale 9,000L Gulley Honey Sucker Vacuum Tanker (2006)

    VOLVO FL 220 9,000L GULLY SUCKER VACUUM (2006)

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  • DAF CF75.310 6X4 15,000L VACUUM TANKER TRUCK (2007)

    DAF CF75.310 6X4 15,000L WHALE VACUUM TANKER (2007)

  • MAN TGM 26.280 6x4 15,000L Vacuum Tanker (2008)

    MAN TGM 26.280 6X4 15,000L VACUUM TANKER (2008)

  • Iveco 150E18 Whale 7000L Vacuum Tanker (2007)

    IVECO 150E18 WHALE 7,000L VACUUM TANKER (2007)

  • Mercedes Atego 1318 6,000L Vacuum Tanker (2008)



Tanker Trucks and Used Tanker Trucks For Sale | Comvex Truck Exporter

Tanker Trucks and Used Tanker Trucks For Sale

Tanker Truck are used by several different industries and companies.  Looking for a Tanker Truck or Used Tanker Truck. With a good selection of used tanker trucks for sale on site, there is no better place to find a tanker truck for sale in the UK. At Comvex Truck Exporter we supply used tanker trucks to all industries. Bulk Haulage Companies, Road Hauliers, Multi Drop Operators, Construction Companies, Mining Contractors, Quarry Operations, Road and Highway Construction Operators, Waste and Reclamation Operators, Aggregate Transporters and Hauliers, and truck enthusiasts worldwide. Many types of tankers are in use today due to the various types of liquids and solids they deliver. Whether you are looking for an insulated or non-insulated tanker.  a pressurised or non-pressurised tanker, top loading tanker truck or a bottom loading tanker truck, An Aluminium Tanker Truck, A Carbon Steel Tanker Truck, A Stainless-Steel Tanker Truck, or a Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Tanker Truck. We will have a make and model to suit your requirements. Tanker Trucks are used to deliver various liquid goods such as, molasses, milk, liquid sugar, juices, wine, dairy products, water, oil, petroleum, diesel, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), industrial chemical products. They are also used to deliver dry products such as, dry powders, grains, food ingredients, flour, and seeds. The size and capacity of a tanker is measured in litres, the smaller variant of used tankers hold about 20,000 litres with the larger tankers increasing to double that capacity. We have smaller tankers known as compact tanker trucks which vary in capacity between 4,000 and 11,000 litres. Our used compact tanker trucks tend to be used by clients in service to remove waste and sewage etc.

On-site at comvex truck exporter you will find  DAF Tanker Trucks,  ERF Tanker Trucks,  Foden Tanker Trucks, Hino Tanker Trucks, Isuzu Tanker Trucks,  Iveco Tanker Trucks,  Leyland Daf Tanker Trucks, Man Tanker Trucks, Mercedes Tanker Trucks, Mitsubishi Tanker Trucks, Renault Tanker Trucks, Scania Tanker Trucks, Volvo Tanker Trucks, all right-hand drive at affordable prices. Within our Tanker Trucks for Sale we have a range of 4×2 tanker trucks, 6×2 tanker trucks, 6×4 tanker trucks, 8×4 tanker trucks, all quality vehicles with differing cabs. In a variety of Cab Types standard day cabs and Sleeper Cabs. With such a good range to choose from all boasting various engine capacities most operators can find what they need straight away. Our Stocks are all righthand drive at affordable prices. We sell a lot of these Tanker Trucks to the righthand drive African Market as well as other overseas countries.

Used Tanker Trucks in stock now

Comvex truck exporter has an extensive range of used tanker trucks available. In addition to tanker trucks we also have a good selection of Rigid Trucks, Tipper Trucks, Crane Trucks, Refrigerated Trucks, Box Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, Dropside Trucks, Curtainsider Trucks and Trailers in stock. From top manufacturers such as Daf Trucks, Erf Trucks, Foden Trucks, Hino Trucks, Isuzu Trucks, Iveco Trucks, Leyland Daf Trucks, Leyland Trucks, Man Trucks, Mercedes Trucks, Mitsubishi Trucks, Renault Trucks, Scania Trucks, Volvo Trucks are all brands we have stock of on-site. We pride ourselves in providing you with a quality product.

Used Tanker Trucks for Sale

As well having consistent customers sales in both the UK and Ireland. Africa has turned into a huge export market for European Trucks. Comvex have been shipping used commercial vehicles to Africa from the UK for decades. Truck importers from various African countries use our services. Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Jamaica, New Zealand, Malta, Nigeria, Malaysia, Cyprus, Ghana, Myanmar, Dominica, Lesotho, Barbados, Ivory Coast, Burundi, Sedan, Guyana, Suriname, St Helena, St Lucia, Tanzania, Botswana, Poland, Romania and Mozambique are destinations we ship to on a regular basis. If you are interested in knowing more about our second-hand tanker trucks, then contact our experienced sales team today. Contact us today for a comprehensive shipping quote to your chosen port.