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  • DAF CF75 310 6x2 Terex Atlas 92.2 Crane Dropside 2008 for sale comvex UK

    DAF CF75 310 6X2 TEREX 92.2 CRANE DROPSIDE (2008)

  • DAF CF75 310 TEREX 92.2 ATLAS DROPSIDE Truck for sale Comvex UK Export

    DAF CF75 310 6X2 ATLAS 92.2 CRANE DROPSIDE (2007)

  • DAF CF85 410 8x2 HIAB 477 Beavertail Flatbed Crane Truck For Sale Comvex UK

    DAF CF85 410 8X2 HIAB 477 BEAVERTAIL FLATBED (2007)

  • Mercedes Actros 2553 Atlas 390.1 Crane Tractor (2002)



Crane Trucks and Used Crane Trucks For Sale.

Crane Trucks and Used Crane Trucks For Sale

Looking for a Crane Truck or Used Crane Truck. With a good selection of used crane trucks for sale on site, there is no better place to find a used crane truck for sale in the UK. The crane truck is high in demand because of its practicality, versatility, and efficiency.  Our used crane trucks will perform the toughest of tasks required of them. Crane trucks are an efficient tool to any haulier reducing the need for any other unloading equipment such as forklift or independent crane to load and unload. Whether you require a truck mounted crane, Front Mounted Crane, Rear Mounted Crane, a HIAB truck, or a flatbed truck with a crane. A Crane Truck with special attachments such as, a Grab Loader, a Brick Carrier, Bucket, Grabs or Hooks or a Palfinger. At comvex truck exporter we supply used crane trucks for sale to Bulk Haulage Companies, Road Hauliers, Multi Drop Operators, Construction Companies, Builders Merchants, Food Transporters, Retail Store and Consumable Goods Transporters, Furniture Delivery Companies, Removal Companies, Reclamation Operators, Refuse Collection Companies, and general haulage Companies.  With a good selection of used crane trucks for sale on site, there is no better place to find a crane truck for sale with our stocks updating daily. Truck mounted hydraulic cranes are always a popular choice with our customers. All high-quality vehicles at affordable prices. Our crane trucks for sale have several cab types, day cabs, extended crew, and sleeper cabs. Whether you are looking for a  4×2 Crane Truck, a 6×2 Crane Truck, or a 8×4 Crane Truck With such a good range to choose from all boasting various engine capacities most operators can find what they need straight away. Our Stocks are all righthand drive at affordable prices We will have a make and model to suit your business needs.

On-site at comvex truck exporter you will find  DAF Crane Trucks, ERF Crane Trucks, Foden Crane Trucks, Hino Crane Trucks, Isuzu Crane Trucks,  Iveco Crane Trucks,  Leyland Daf Crane Trucks, Man Crane Trucks, Mercedes Crane Trucks, Mitsubishi Crane Trucks, Renault Crane Trucks, Scania Crane Trucks, Volvo Crane Trucks, all right-hand drive at affordable prices. We have every confidence you will find a make and model to suit your requirements. With such a good range to choose from all boasting various engine capacities and a choice in cab types most operators can find what they need straight away. There is a model available to carry just about any type of cargo.

Used Crane Trucks in stock now

Comvex truck exporter has an extensive range of used crane trucks available. In addition to crane trucks we also have a good selection of Tractor Units, Tipper Trucks, Tanker Trucks, Rigid Trucks, Refrigerated Trucks, Box Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, Dropside Trucks, Curtainsider Trucks and Trailers in stock. From top manufacturers such as Daf Trucks, Erf Trucks, Foden Trucks, Hino Trucks, Isuzu Trucks, Iveco Trucks, Leyland Daf Trucks, Leyland Trucks, Man Trucks, Mercedes Trucks, Mitsubishi Trucks, Renault Trucks, Scania Trucks, Volvo Trucks are all brands we have stock of on-site. We pride ourselves in providing you with a quality product.

Used Crane Trucks for Sale

As well having consistent customers sales in both the UK and Ireland. Africa has turned into a huge export market for European Trucks. Comvex have been shipping used commercial vehicles to Africa from the UK for decades. Truck importers from various African countries use our services. Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Jamaica, New Zealand, Malta, Nigeria, Malaysia, Cyprus, Ghana, Myanmar, Dominica, Lesotho, Barbados, Ivory Coast, Burundi, Sedan, Guyana, Suriname, St Helena, St Lucia, Tanzania, Botswana, Poland, Romania and Mozambique are destinations we ship to on a regular basis. If you are interested in knowing more about our second-hand crane trucks, then contact our experienced sales team today. Contact us today for a comprehensive shipping quote to your chosen port.